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San, sa, na, naa~

The week hasn't been so bad after all. The quiz bee went pretty well; we got 2nd place despite all those mistakes that my partner and I kept on making. I mean, when it started, we were pretty serious, but when the wrong answers started coming... well, a lot of people thought we took some drugs beforehand which is true in my case, because of all the medicine and vitamin c I had taken that morning because we were laughing so much.

It was alright, actually.

I've been tempting misfortune a lot this week, though. There was a math long test I didn't study for (but got 32/40 for anyway), and a time where I actually took a nap that led to my waking at 9 PM... with another long test the next day. There was also me not doing my homework, but managing to finish it right before the period...

God, I feel like such a teenager.

Anyway, I've been watching a lot of foreign language films lately, and let me tell you something: I'm seriously weirded out.

Sophomore year basically means that nearly everything we'll be studying has something to do with Asia (particularly in our Social Studies, Literature, Music, and Dance subjects).

For Social Studies, we watched a film called Asoka, based on the king of the same name from Ancient India. It started out OK, but there were many sequences that could actually be compared to music videos; most were a bit pointless and bordered on, well, insane.

My favorite sequence -- yes, I actually enjoyed some of them (because of the laughing fits they coaxed out of me) -- began with Kaurwaki, a princess supposedly hiding because people were trying to kill her, dancing alone on top of a hill where anyone could see her. Went something like:

San, sa, na, naa~ San, sa, na
Djare, djare, djare, djare pawan

I fail at any type of spelling by ear.

Kaurwaki somehow ended up by a waterfall and did some form of pole dancing. Later in the movie, she jumped into said waterfall, where it is revealed that she can't swim. WTF.

All in all, Asoka was basically Bollywood, which I can't really judge because of the cultural differences. I suppose it just isn't my cup of tea.

Also for Social Studies, we began watching Hero, which has got Jet Li in it, so obviously, the action scenes were pretty kick-ass (pun intended). The production was majorly epic; the sets and locations were gorgeous and the props were so damn realistic. Cinematography has gotta be one of the best I've seen in any movie. While I've only seen just the beginning of the movie, it's got a pretty decent plot so far.

However, that didn't stop the fact that many of the characters were knowledgeable in the martial arts and could fly.

Meh, that's Chinese film for you. It's unique, and they definitely don't do things halfway.

/my lola watches Chinese opera. I probably grew a resistance to the weirdness of it.

Today, we watched Dreams by Akira Kurosawa; it was actually pretty OK, though I found myself going "what the fuck?!" once or twice because of how abrupt and crack-filled this supposedly serious series was. There were ghost ladies wearing pink and tinkerbell shoes, pointless dancing and rituals, freakishly slow ghosts, tubas and French horns in a funeral procession of a town that claimed to live a "natural" way of life.

I know that there might be some cultural differences here, but. Just. Ach.

Might be just me.



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Feb. 18th, 2011 09:23 am (UTC)
See! I told you everything would work out one way or another. ;)

And those movies you watched sound really interesting. We've had something like that, except for FIlipino, and I watched so many dramas: Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, regular Filipino dramas, etc.

It was really funny. XDDD THE DUBBING WAS TERRIBLE THOUGH. Since we had to watch all of them in Filipino. ; ___ ;

I really liked the Japanese drama we watched, Gokusen. It's really, really funny, and the characters are so memorable. XD

The Korean drama we watched was 'My Sassy Girl' and I pretty much 'blech!'-ed the whole time, since we all totally didn't get what was going on.

The Taiwanese drama was unrealistic, impossible, and DAMN FUNNY. It's called Hotshot, and it's SO FUNNY, SERIOUSLY. It's about basketball, which I normally wouldn't give a shit about, but everything was so funny, I couldn't help it.

There was also this really hot Taiwanese guy in the show, so yeah. >///< =))

The Filipino drama/movie; I have to admit, it was so cliche, as in, seriously. I forgot the name, but it's got Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz in it, hahaha. Sarah (forgot her name in the movie) is bubbly and perky and dreams of being able to be near her long-time crush, the really successful editor of this magazine, which is of course, John Lloyd. So she applies for a job, and gets it, and then really finds out that he's a cold-hearted bastard, but doesn't give up and tries to get closer to him.

And then, OF COURSE, he gradually opens up; and also, he's got this terrible past, where his mother died and his father has another family with a step-brother higher up in position, and the magazine is everything he's got to prove that he can handle being CEO or whatever, of his father's company.

AND ASLO, there was this scene where he overworked himself and Sarah had to visit his house to give him these documents or whatever, and then she finds him sick, and then she takes care of him, BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Lol, everything's just so PREDICTABLE. But it was pretty cute, haha. The kilig scenes made even me squeal, ashamed as I am to admit it.

ANYWAYS, but I guess this comment is far too long to be a comment, more like a journal entry or something. ^^;

OH WAIT I FORGOT. In SS, we're studying WW1 and WW2. CHA! HETALIA! XDDDD
Feb. 18th, 2011 12:35 pm (UTC)
I think I've actually seen a bit of that movie you're talking about on PBO ^__^ I remember that scene where Lloydie got sick.

The thing with Filipino movies is that they're corny, but they make it work somehow.

Gokusen showed on Animax at one point :)

Hetalia has made history so much more interesting and so much more perverted at the same time.

Oh God, the YAOI!

Oh yeah, I was wondering; are you up for possibly going on a trip to Bohol or Palawan with me and Ate Fluffy this summer? I just asked Fluffy a while ago, but she says that we have a good chance at going. I need to know if you're up for it by tonight because there's this travel expo going on at the SMX Convention Center where the flights are all on promo and are pretty damn cheap.
Feb. 18th, 2011 03:35 pm (UTC)
Oh, cool! The name of that movie seems to escape me at the moment, though... ^^;

I know right? But there's one thing in all Filipino TV dramas that is the same--there's always a fighting scene, either with car chases or gun fights, or something of the like. And the contrabida is always wearing a jacket. I think they're making gaya-gaya with the Americans. :))

Eh?? Really? Cool! I watched only the drama though, but I think I was able to watch one or two episodes of the anime. I didn't continue it though, because I didn't have enough time, the same excuse used for all the past animes I never managed to finish. :))

HETALIA, YES. Now whenever someone talks about countries, I immediately think of their Hetalia counterpart; and if there isn't any yet, I imagine one up. XDD

AND YES, THE YAOI. I think it's converting me, because the more episodes I watch of it, the less and less I get disgusted at the yaoi... I THINK I'M ACTUALLY STARTING TO LIKE IT.


But anyways. :))

Actually, I'm going to Bohol next weekend, with my family. I don't know if I'll be able to go anywhere far from my home for more than a few days without the accompaniment of my family, so I don't know about that. But I'll try and ask my parents. :)
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