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Nuns Can Be Pretty Awesome

God, my ass hurts.

I spent most of the afternoon sitting somewhere; in a classroom, in a theatre, and in a damn bus that waited for a little pre-schooler for nearly an hour before deciding to leave her behind at school.

(Hey, I don't feel sorry for her.)

A lot of realizations were chanced upon as my butt was glued to a seat; particularly the one that I sat on in our school's very expensive, very chic theatre, where we would be having a talk on drug abuse.

I felt incredibly stupid sitting there. They started flashing things on the screen that I never knew before: stuff like how bad the national drug situation is. I mean, I knew there were a lot of druggies were up and about, but apparently, the polive found a 795 kilo stash of drugs in Subic. Not to mention the druglords they found partying with their own market right beside a city hall. I'm not even talking about the couriers in and out of the country.

What a nightmare.

So, what did I learn?

For starters, the police aren't always as incompetent as they seem on television. The two officers that spoke in front of us were actually very efficient, and gave hard facts and sound reasoning; good enough to make me overlook that they weren't fluent in English, which often distracts me (if you don't speak the language well, don't speak it at all, man). It was a big plus that one of them was very charismatic and made a lot of jokes (all of which weren't about drugs, surprisingly).

Second: damn, our principal is bad-ass. I mean, she's a nun and all that, but she's been arranging a lot of awesome talks and symposiums with pretty good speakers for us.

The other week, a nice forensic pathologist came over to talk to us about Forensic Evidence; how CSI sucks and all that. The doctora was very straightforward about her opinions on the government and how the police worked; she was bordering on ranting, when she started showing us pictures of cases on newspapers -- civillians carrying bodies with no gloves, police officers posing for the camera, crowds around crime scenes, and even a lady police officer trying on a fake Louis Vuitton bag during a raid.

And now, we've had this drug talk with some awesome officers.

Looking back on it now, I realize I've never appreciated our principal much before; I've spent most of my time criticizing the administration of the school and its terrible Student Council. I only ever noticed that Sister was really strict; I often joined the Red Sea parting for her whenever she came around the hallways.

Sister is really awesome.

Still terrified of her, though.



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Feb. 23rd, 2011 10:37 am (UTC)
We've been having a lot of talks too, but they're all about the same thing: the environment, animal abuse, typhoons, etc.

Nothing at all as cool and totally awesome as police giving out detailed crime stories. We did have a talk on drugs once, but it was more on the 'effects of drug abuse and reasons why students do it.'

Which is something I'm pretty familiar with, too.

I completely agree with your entire post, except this one sentence: If you don't speak the language well, don't speak it at all, man.

I think the only way to learn how to speak a language well is to continuously practice it. What I dislike, though, are people who don't speak either straight English, or straight whatever. I don't really mind Taglish, because I myself speak Taglish once in a while, but people who insert Japanese into perfectly normal sentences, like so:

"Kya! Your bag is so kawaii!"

--make me want to kill myself.

Your principal sounds totally awesome for a nun. Our principal, Bro. Den, is pretty cool, too. I never get to see him much though, since he's busy doing brother stuff. @-)

Sometimes I happen across him around the campus, and smile politely, because I'm too shy to say hello when I don't know him personally, much less spoken to him face to face.



Okay? Okay??? :3
Feb. 23rd, 2011 10:50 am (UTC)
I meant the "don't speak it at all" by speaking a language you aren't very uncomfortable with in front of over 800 people. Conversation is pretty OK, but not when it's an official symposium.

Their English was actually really good, for people who weren't fluent. They pulled out some long words and even gave us the proper names of the drugs and all that.

Gah, hearing people insert Japanese words into otherwise English sentences is rather grating on the ears.

And yes, we should definitely have a Hetalia marathon <3

Oh, by the way, I finally posted The Gifts of Awesome on hetalia_ph XD I made it 10 drabbles. So far, it's my most successful story.
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