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Hell Week pt. 3

Apparently, Hell has only just begun.

I feel awfully tired, but that just comes with studying for exams, so it's cool. I feel kind of disappointed, though. The tests weren't as difficult as I thought they would be.

I mean, Biology was a bust. We were given 90 minutes to answer the whole thing, and I managed to get it done with 50 minutes left. I was banging my head repeatedly upon my desk waiting for the damn time to run out. Meh. It was almost the same thing for Literature, which I shouldn't have even studied for: it was mostly just analysis and texts we recently read.

Gah, even Filipino kind of let me down. I was imagining the blood loss I'd undergo, but I had a relatively fine time answering. God, I even answered the essay question for the first time ever because of all the time we had left.

The only subject that was remotely difficult was Math, and that was only because it was time-consuming. But at least it kept me busy until only fifteen minutes were left on the clock.

Ah well. I hear Junior year is going to be a blast.

And I'm quite sure it will be, considering that I was appointed Literary editor. I just had an editors' meeting this afternoon (which caused me to miss the us, thus delaying my lunch to around three o'clock), and I'll have to come around to school on Tuesday and Wednesday next week for some work on the school paper. The damn admin just told us that our issue was way too long but still required us to add in seven more articles.

What the fuck.

I'm only glad that I haven't been roped into the articles; truth be told, I have no idea what I'm needed for. Our moderator only told me that I had to write everyday and look for at least 10 writing excercises by next week.

Well, all I have left to say is



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