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My Headcanon

My headcanon for the Philippines is a mixture of random and serious ideas. It’s often hard to sort through my head, especially when I’m distracted, so I thought to put some of them down here. Please note that this is my headcanon, so this is what I believe.

[Which you should already know, considering the fact that the Philippines has yet to emerge in canon. Also, Intramuros probably wouldn’t even exist in it.]

I may make future editions and update, but this covers a few facts on Juan, the Republic of the Philippines, and my own original character, Salazar, the walled city of Intramuros.


  1.  His full name is simply Juan dela Cruz. He does not have a second or middle name.
  2. He loves travelling – the novelty of it, anyway – but he doesn’t like staying abroad for too long (two or three weeks being the maximum). While other countries may have their amazing sights and places, he’d still rather stay home.
  3. His confidence is easily shattered when among (not in) the other countries. Many countries intimidate him with their technology, advancement, and stability; it’s no secret that he’s envious at times.
  4. Though Juan considers America a close friend, he doesn’t actually like him as much as everyone thinks he does.
  5. He has three small woodcarvings in his house – one was his clumsy first attempt at xylography, the other was his last, it was almost perfect. One of them was stolen from Salazar from very long before the revolution.
  6. A bottle of San Miguel beer is his solution for terrible days; always with a bag of Lapid’s chicharon and a small saucer of vinegar. Watching a telenovela or a Korean drama is optional, but highly recommended.
  7. He speaks every dialects in the Philippines, though some more fluently than others.
  8. Every Friday night, he goes to a karaoke bar, chosen randomly by whatever city he would happen to be at the time. He leaves past midnight, having sung himself hoarse with a large group of his people.
  9. There are other personifications in the archipelago. One of them is Mindanao, who’s been rather hostile as of late. The rest are only cities. They are unaware of the existence of the other cities, only of Juan. None of them look too much like him.
  10. For him – though he will admit that he’s greatly biased – Jollibee is better than McDo and KFC.
  11. The Filipino accent emerges randomly when he speaks English, though it may be more prominent when he’s upset or excited.
  12. Juan was originally a small island – he wasn’t actually part of Luzon when he was ‘born’. It’s just that when he was finally branded with Filipinas, he was naturally drawn to Manila, where Spain had set up camp.
  13. He has terrible memory. Or rather, a very selective one. After a while, the little details begin to morph into something else in his head; sometimes, the things he believes are true just aren’t.
  14. He woke for the first time when the Negritos came over – it was cold, and he found himself lying on the ground. It was very disorienting, being tossed into a body he didn’t know how to use.
  15. Instead of the usual blanks that nations prefer, Juan is actually listed as a citizen of the Philippines. He renews his driver’s license and his passport whenever needed, he pays his bills, and he has terrible ID photos.


  1. His full name is Salazar Fernandez dela Cruz. Only three other people know this.
  2. The feather on his hat was from an ostrich. He dyed it red himself, though he will never admit what he used to do such.
  3. There was a time that he considered himself the Pearl of the Orient, not Juan.
  4. The most serious injury he has ever had was inflicted by America in World War II. Salazar was never really the same afterwards, and it wasn’t all too long later that he began to age.
  5. His xylography was discontinued after his house had been burned down, though he did start it up again once the twenty-first century hit.
  6. He took frequent trips to Europe while the Philippines was still Spain’s colony, particularly to Spain, France, England, Germany, Italy, and Belgium. He’s never told Juan about them.
  7. He stays in just in Intramuros now; Juan pays his bills for him, though it isn’t much, considering he’s almost never home. He stays in the older areas of his city, opting to sit down and look at everything.
  8. The guardia civil recognize him and let him do whatever he wants.
  9. Being mute used to be miserable for him. He’s tried time and time again to speak, but has only been met with failure. However, he’s resigned himself to his fate; he has nothing more to say and makes do with his lack of voice.
  10. Of all the dialects in the Philippines, he only spoke Tagalog, though he picked up a few words from others when he inspected certain areas of the country for Spain. His English was excellent, and he could speak all three Romance languages, especially Spanish. He also picked up a little German while in Europe.
  11. He and Jose Rizal knew each other. Perhaps not well, but they have socialized and have engaged in fencing matches. Salazar has even received a couple of cards with bullet holes from him.
  12. He knows what happened to Maysapan and Tondo; Juan doesn’t.
  13. His memory is excellent, crystal clear. He is always watching, always waiting. He stores any information into his head for future use; though the practice has been dwindling as of late.
  14. When he first woke, he was floating in a river, water hyacinths clinging and tangling into his limbs. He still thinks that it was just a dream.

I'll sorta-kinda be using this as a bit of reference for my future fiction in this verse.

If you happened to have stumbled onto this and have any questions for me (or the characters, if you'd like), then feel free to ask in a comment in this post, or even in a message.


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