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Hell Week pt. 1

Fridays are glorious. Especially after a rather tiresome week.

School is getting more and more hectic as we approach the end of another school year. There's lots to do: clearance, long tests, assignments, rushed lessons, etc. It doesn't really help that my back and my ass hurt.

The year's gone by fast, and I sorta wish I'd learned to appreciate it as it went. I spent the first quarter unaware of most of my classmates' names; embarassing, I know. Second quarter was spent being alienated, and the third was spent really pissed off. As for the fourth, I'm still trying to figure it out. I think it's something you look back upon.

Anyway, Hell Week, a glorious event that occurs every so often, has come; this time, in a trio. I've got two weeks of school left, and they will be very busy.

This week, however, wasn't Hell until today, though I suppose I can include it in Hell Week, considering that I spent the week pretty stressed. Monday to Wednesday was pretty routine; but yesterday, I had to give an extemporaneous speech for Communication Arts. I'm not the best at speaking in public, but apparently, my classmates loved it (I'll probably end up posting what I spoke about eventually).

What's quite relieving about it is because a certain teacher came into the room during that period. See, this teacher used to be the debate society president of La Salle, which my cousin (who can easily fit the role of brother, considering that we live together) is part of. Apparently, they're buds and see each other from time to time.

My cousin let slip that I was a second year at school and could speak perfect English. And because of him, this teacher has been trying to get me to join my school's debate society (through my Communication Arts teacher). Of course, I politely declined (I've got my hands tied with just my club), but I've been nudged about it by my cousin and other teachers.

But isn't it funny that this teacher and I have never actually met formally? I've only seen him in the hallways, and he's probably only heard a mention of me. It's rather convenient, and I'd like to keep myself anonymous to him. Petty amusement, but it's all in good fun.

Going back to after I gave my speech; right when I stepped off the platform and sat back down, this teacher comes into the room to look out for any possible new members.

Pfft. I have evaded you once again, Sir.

Today was pretty tiring; I had two long tests, Filipino and Biology, and a reporting about the Qin Dynasty in Social Studies. Unfortunately, I had to wing the reporting because the part I researched on didn't need to be explained to the class; so my groupmates decided to tell me what to say one minute before the actual presentation.

Thank God I actually read the report.

The Biology test was pretty damn easy. I seriously shouldn't have studied. It's Filipino that killed me.

Filipino. Nuff said.

I'm thinking back to that quiz bee post that I made, and man, it's got nothing on the shit flying around now. I guess I was just feeling angry at the time. But I'm looking at this week, and I'm going "fuuuuuck".

Well, this concludes Hell Week (Day?) I. Two more to go.



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